The Final Judgement Will Strip Us

The Final Judgement Will Strip Us
Joe Terrell
Judgment is a stripping process in which the outward form is removed to reveal the inward reality. In the judgment, many are stripped of their fair appearance in the flesh in order that the wretched, shriveled, rebellious inner man of the spirit might be seen for what it is. In their lives, they had spent a great deal of effort beautifying the flesh in order to hide the ugliness of the spirit; but judgment shall make the reality known.
In the similar way, there are many who are possessed of a beautiful inner man, a regenerated spirit that is like its Creator, the Lord Jesus. But, for all their lives here, that nature has been hindered, suppressed and frustrated by an ugly flesh that will not cooperate. But judgment shall remove that wretched flesh, and reveal the beauty of the work of God in the inner man, as it is written, “The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.” (Romans 8:19)
Judgment will not change anyone: it will merely reveal what they are. Are you ready to be revealed?

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