Christ`s work successful, finished /Substitution/Salvation


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THEY ARE GONE! I want every child of God to realize the fact that at this very moment all of his sins are gone – effectually, completely, perfectly gone, – through the great sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. All of your sins, from the cradle to the grave, sins before conversion and sins after [...]


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CHRIST IS SALVATION! Henry Mahan “All spiritual blessings that sovereign, gracious God has for sinners IN our Lord Jesus Christ, BY the merits and blood of our Lord, and FOR the glory of our Redeemer. Simply put, CHRIST IS SALVATION! It is Christ, not the cross, who saves. It is Christ, not the church, who [...]

What must I do to be saved?

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What must I do to be saved? Ask that question to a dozen different people, and you may receive a dozen different answers: keep the Law of Moses; observe sabbaths; decide for Christ; come to the altar; travel the Roman Road; be baptized; get religion; say the sinner’s prayer; join a church; do good works; [...]

Security In Christ

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Security In Christ Todd Nibert If my security in Christ and my final entrance into glory were dependent in any way on my works, before or after conversion, I would have no security. But, blessed truth, salvation is not in ANY way dependent on my works. Christ is my security and he alone will be [...]

Bulletin Edition September 2017

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“NEITHER IS THERE SALVATION IN ANY OTHER” Acts 4:12 Salvation comes to fallen, helpless sinners only by virtue of Christ’s blessed name, only by his merits, only by his power, only by his authority. My friend, SALVATION SHOULD BE A MATTER OF GREAT CONCERN TO YOU. You are, by nature, lost, without Christ, without hope, [...]


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THE FOUNDATION OF GOD STANDS SURE 2 Tim.2:19 Tom Harding Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity. –2 Tim.2:19. What great encouragement this promise is to every sinner who finds the only [...]


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WHERE DO YOU STAND? Isaiah 28: 14-18 The LORD God Laid the Foundation (v16.) Christ Jesus the Son of God is the foundation (Genesis 49: 24: I Cor 3: 11.) In his eternal purpose God the Father chose his Son to manifest the triune God in a body. He was chosen of God to manifest [...]

God’s High Priest

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God’s High Priest Some time ago I spoke to a man who told me he was a member of the “Order of Melchizedek”. He seemed to be very proud of the fact that his group had discovered some deep mystery that was known only to themselves. Their leaders had written some books that gave them [...]

Time and Place Salvation

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Time and Place Salvation Don Bell There are many who make much out of a “know so” salvation, and insist on a time and place when “you got saved”. Well I have a Time and Place when the Lord Jesus Christ saved me and brought me to know Him. The Time – “Chosen In Christ [...]

Tell What Great Things God Has Done For Us

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Tell What Great Things God Has Done For Us Acts 18:24-28 Drew Dietz Reading these verses closely you will notice the following words as written under inspiration of God…”who (Apollos) when he was come (unto the church at Achaia), helped them much which believed through grace” (vs.27). My thought is simply this: if you want [...]