Author-C. H. Spurgeon

If you are led of the Spirit—you are not under the law.

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“If you are led of the Spirit—you are not under the law.” Galatians 5:18 We who looks at his own character and position from a legal point of view, will not only despair when he comes to the end of his reckoning—but if he is a wise man, he will despair at the beginning; for if [...]


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ALL CHRIST OR NO CHRIST AT ALL! Do you think that you are to get onto the scale, with your beautiful righteousness, and that you are to be accounted somebody of great importance, and that Christ is to do the little that you cannot do; that it is to be “Christ and company,” or rather, [...]


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“WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS, THERE IS LIBERTY” Of all bondage and slavery in the world, there is none more horrible than the bondage of sin. Tell me of Israel in Egypt preparing their tale of bricks unsuppled with straw; tell me of the slave beneath the lash of his cruel task-master, and I [...]

True faith!

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True faith! The following is from Spurgeon’s sermon, “The Trial of Your Faith” #2055. 1Peter 1:7 True faith is, in every case, the operation of the Spirit of God. Its nature is purifying, elevating, heavenly. Wherever true faith is found, it is: the sure mark of eternal election, the sign of a blessed condition, and the [...]

False religion

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False religion (Horatius Bonar, “False Religion and Its Doom”) “I will lay your corpses in front of your idols and scatter your bones around your altars.” Ezek. 6:5 There is such a thing as false religion. It may be earnest and zealous, yet false. No amount of sincerity or zeal will make that true, which is [...]

A wonderful text!

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The following is from Spurgeon’s, “Christ’s Incarnation, the Foundation of Christianity” That is a wonderful text in Galatians 1:4, did you ever meditate upon it? “Who gave Himself for our SINS…” Jesus never gave Himself for our RIGHTEOUSNESS, but He did give Himself for our SINS! Sin is a horrible evil, a deadly poison, yet it [...]


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BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED US… -Spurgeon, “Love” “We love God, because he first loved us.” Christian, he loved you before time began, and when in eternity he dwelt alone. He thought of you before you had a being. When as yet the sun and the moon were not– when the sun, the moon, and the stars [...]

Because he first loved us

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Because he first loved us by Spurgeon “We love him because he first loved us.” -1 John 4:19 There is no light in the planet but that which proceeds from the sun; and there is no true love to Jesus in the heart but that which comes from the Lord Jesus himself. From this overflowing [...]

“You must be born again.” — John 3:7

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“You must be born again.” — John 3:7 Regeneration is a subject which lies at the very basis of salvation, and we should be very diligent to take heed that we really are “born again,” for there are many who imagine they are, who are not. Be assured that the name of a Christian—is not [...]

Justice Satisfied

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Justice Satisfied “When I see the blood, l will pass over you” (Exodus 12:13). My own sight of the precious blood is for my comfort; but it is the LORD’s sight of it which secures my safety. Even when I am unable to behold it, the LORD looks at it and passes over me because [...]