In Spirit and Truth

In Spirit and Truth

“God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him, Must worship Him in Spirit

and in Truth, (John 4:24).

Here are two principles of worship without which all worship of God is

vain. God must be worshipped in spirit – a heart worship – as opposed to

mere forms and ceremonies, going through the motions with body and lip

service, etc. If the heart does not pray it, the prayer is not accepted.

IF the heart does not sing it, the song is not accepted. If the heart

does not believe it, it is vain to profess it. Those who worship God,

must worship in spirit (Romans 10:10).

Those who worship God in spirit must also worship Him in truth. God has

revealed Himself in His Word of truth as who HE is; how HE saves; by

whom HE saves; the way in which any one must approach unto Him to

worship. All worship that is contrary to truth is vain worship. All who

worship God must worship Him in truth. Someone has said, “How

astonishing is the fact, that man dares to introduce his miserable

inventions to deform the scriptural simplicity of divine; as if God who

makes all things perfect, had, in this most important institution,

forgotten to direct the use of altars – magnificent vestment – pomp and

ceremonies. When will man, with child-like simplicity, follow gospel rules?”

Bruce Crabtree.

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