What Religious Folks Really Hate

What Religious Folks Really Hate
Acts 6: 11-14.

1. They said that he speaks blasphemy against Moses. It is unheard of in scripture to blaspheme a man, only God can be blasphemed. But that was the problem. Their devotion to a dead prophet proved they hated the Lord whom Moses loved. They would have stoned Moses just as they did Stephen.

2. They said that he speaks blasphemy against God. Stephen proclaimed that Jesus is the Son of God, one with God (v55-57.) Jesus Christ our Lord is both God and Man. Those who reject Christ’s messengers reject Christ. And those who reject Christ reject God.

3. They said, This man ceaseth not to speak blasphemous words against this holy place. Sinners love their places of worship more than the Lord of glory. Still do! Vain religionists will enter a church building once a week, thinking they are more righteous for doing so. That is exactly why the Lord promised to destroy the temple and Jerusalem. It was all worthless. That is why he promises to destroy this world and everything in it when he calls the last of his redeemed children home.

4. They said that he preaches, Against the law. They hated that Stephen declared that the law of commandments was given for the purpose of showing sinners their dire need of a Savior and for restraining the unrighteous. They hated that Stephen proclaimed that the ceremonial law had served the purpose of foreshadowing Christ our High Priest and our Lamb. They could not understand how a believer follows Christ, led of the Spirit, not the flesh; how believers serve in newness of Spirit, not in the oldness of the letter. They had a form of godliness but denied the power of Christ to dwell in and constrain the believer by love rather than law.

The Word strips man of his imaginary righteousness by declaring sinners are altogether a stench in God’s nostrils. Religious men hate to be told they are unrighteous. God chooses whom he will and passes by whom he will. Sinners hate God’s sovereign right to do as he pleases. Christ alone pleased God for his people. Sinners hate for someone else to receive the glory they covet. The Holy Spirit must regenerate and draw a sinner to Christ. Sinners hate to be told they can not do anything to bring themselves or to keep themselves from bowing to God. Believer, settle it in your mind, men do not reject the truth set forth in God’s word because they love God and believe on Christ. They do so because they love themselves and hate God.
Clay Curtis.

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