The Sovereign Will of God

The Sovereign Will of God
Drew Dietz
One way or another, the sovereign will of our God is being done!

Do you believe this? Do I believe this? Take a look with me at Acts 21:30-37 and you will see what I mean by the statement above.

You have on one hand the Roman soldiers, on the other the Jewish mob. One group is the occupier and is despised by the occupied nation. One group is responsible for law and order, the other group is in full rebellion. The Romans are the conquerors, the Jews are the conquered. Two wheels turning in direct opposites bent on over-ruling the other. Yet God in His sovereign power and supreme purpose used both of these to fulfill His will for Paul in his eventual journey to Rome. It is amazing how, says one writer of old, the Lord would use Rome to protect the fledgling church while Jerusalem persecuted it.

Our ever gracious Lord is still doing such things for each individual sheep as well as His Church collectively, taking all things, whether opposites in our way of thinking or not and turning them for His glory and our best interest!

Oh my soul, consider this daily and see the sweet peace it affords to my weak and hurting soul.

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