Absolutely Sovereign

Absolutely Sovereign
Clay Curtis

Psalm 76:10: Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.

If we deny the absolute sovereignty of God we do not deny it because we think it belittles God. Whether we know it or not we do it TO BELITTLE GOD AND EXALT SELF. Though most argue against God’s absolute authority and power claiming concern over God being accused of being the author of evil, the true concern is that I’ll be found out to be the author of all my sin.
If we confess that God can remove his restraining hand from a man, harden a man’s heart, so that the sinner commits evil in a city all to accomplish God’s purpose then we have to confess that it is only by God’s direct hand and purpose that sinners are not venting more evil than we do now. By nature evil is what we are. The only thing keeping me from committing the vilest act right now is the sovereign power of God.

Yet, all the evil acts that sinners have ever committed on this earth have praised God. One only has to look at the most sinful act of all. At the cross we behold God bringing praise to his name from the unrighteous wrath of man through the death of his own Son. If everything which happened to God’s own Son was according to God’s determinate council then who are we to question him as to what he does from his throne in glory to us worms called men. Praise him that he has not given us our just due in removing his hand from all of us. Sinful man apart from God’s restraining hand is hell.
God’s absolute sovereignty is the very definition of who God is. It gives great peace to the sinner who has been made to see him in truth. I am thankful my God is truly God

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