Crown. –Earthly sovereigns display a crown, as emblem of their people’s homage. On Jesus’ head are “many crowns.” (Rev. 19:13) The Father crowns Him, as co-equal ruler of the universe, as fellow-worker in the wonders of creation. All voices cry aloud, “You have created all things, and for Your pleasure they are and were created.” (Rev. 4:11) He is crowned with a bridal diadem. “Go forth, O daughters of Zion, and behold King Solomon with the crown with which His mother crowned Him in the day of His espousals, and in the day of the gladness of His heart.” (Song 3:11) Believers delight to place on His brow the crown of their redemption. This work is wholly managed by His might. To Him the glory must be wholly given. He wears, also, the crown of victory. He ransomed His people on the battle-field. He won them in garments dipped in blood. His brow is entitled to the emblem of hard-won conquest. All His ransomed possess crowns, as made kings and priests unto God by Him. These crowns they cast at His feet, and crown Him Lord of all.                                    Henry Law (extract from KING.)

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