The preaching of Sovereign Grace is not an enemy of true evangelism. Let me hasten to say that the preaching of Sovereign Grace will kill, deader than a doornail, the message and method of present-day evangelism! And some of us believe with deadly intensity that the false message and method must be killed before the true message and method can become effective. We further believe that the only way this can be done is by the preaching of the truth about God, the truth about man, and the truth about Christ, who died and lives that God might be just and justifier!

These lines will appeal to no one who is happy about the results of evangelism today; but should you be one of many who mourn here, you will join in the task of raising up again the standard of Sovereign Grace.

A sovereign Christ is almost unheard of in church circles today – a
Christ into whose hands all things have been given, who has all authority, who gives life and quickens whom He will, who decides the destinies of all men, who is Lord over all flesh. Present-day evangelism, for the most part, poses the question, “What will you do with Jesus?” Bible or true evangelism poses the question, “What will the sovereign Christ do with me?” Present-day evangelism says to men, “Believe and be born again.” Bible evangelism says to men, “Be born again so you can believe.” The one makes the new birth depend on an act of man, the other an act of God.

Present-day evangelism takes for granted God’s mercy and grace, rather than marveling at them in adoration and worship. Hear Paul say, “I obtained mercy.” Hear Peter say, “to all who have obtained like precious faith.” How I long to hear this note in the churches today! Rolfe Barnard

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