Christ Died in Place of His People

Christ Died in Place of His People (Matthew 27:21-26)

Put your place in that cell with Barabbas. He hears his name shouted by
the crowd. Then he hears, “Crucify him, crucify him!” He is convinced he
is a dead man walking. The jailor opens the door to his cell. But
instead of dragging him to the cross, the jailor unlocks Barabbas’
shackles announcing that Christ Jesus has taken his place on the cross;
therefore, Barabbas is a free man. That is the good news of
substitution! Every chosen child for whom the Son of God shed his blood
at Calvary shall be set free by the Spirit of regeneration through the
key of the gospel of the free grace of God. It is not possible for the
law to punish the Substitute and punish those for whom he died.

The truth of the successful particular redemption of chosen sinners is
the gospel which manifests the righteousness of God—all others are not
another. He has seen the travail of his soul and is satisfied. Is this
news good to you or do you scream unfair? Do you think Barabbas screamed
unfair? Do you think he argued that there was something yet that he must
do? Do you think he had to be persuaded out of that jail cell? Many
convicts have had to be hog-tied to get them in a prison cell, not one
pardoned prisoner has had to be coerced to go free. Has the Spirit of
God entered into your heart with this gospel, unlocked your bars of
spiritual death with life, un-shackled your chains of unbelief with the
gift of faith?

When death-row sinners behold the glory of God in the face of Christ
Jesus it is the Light of the open door on the eternal day of blessed
pardon. Picture Barabbas dancing and singing, “Redeemed! Redeemed! Free!
Free!” Oh, may God have mercy today and make us sing that joyful song! –

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