It is most refreshing to hear a sinner confess his need of the Lord

Jesus Christ. Knowing that salvation is only by grace through faith,

God’s sheep rejoices in that effectual calling by the Holy Spirit.

The religion of this world preaches that salvation is man’s response to

an offer by God. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Salvation is

not walking an aisle, giving the preacher my hand, repeating the

sinner’s prayer, and then being baptized. Man by nature does not have

the freedom of will to do anything. He is dead spiritually and can not

respond to anything that is spiritual.

Salvation is a person. Salvation is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is by Him

and totally to His glory. Salvation has been from beginning to end, a

work of God Almighty. Faith to believe that which God, for Christ’s

sake, has done is the gift of God. What He has done is secured salvation

by satisfying all the demands that the holy law would ever claim against

a sinner. Having satisfied the law, a royal righteousness has been

charged (imputed) to every sinner that Christ came to save.

The carnal heart will always try to give itself the honor, glory, and

praise for accepting the offer when others refused … but one truly

born from above will have this one confession, “Salvation is of the

Lord.” Marvin Stalnaker.

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