A God You Cannot Satisfy, A Law You Cannot Keep . . .

A God You Cannot Satisfy, A Law You Cannot Keep . . .
I have tried diligently to preach God as He really is, to sinners as
they really are, and to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Mediator
between the holy God and sinful men, the all-glorious Redeemer who
accomplished, by Himself, the reconciliation of His people (II Cor.
5:18-21). I have tried, and shall continue to do so, to preach to you:
1. A God you cannot satisfy,
2.A law you cannot keep,
3.An obedience you cannot produce,
4.A righteousness you cannot produce,
5.A love you cannot give,
6.Sin you cannot get rid of,
7.A judgment you cannot endure,
8.A repentance you cannot produce,
9.A faith which God alone can give,
10.But … a Christ who fully satisfied God for sinners and who freely
saves the vilest of sinners. I urge you to look to Him, believe Him,
trust Him, and confidently commit your guilty soul unto Him. Simply hug
up to Him in childlike faith and trust, and all will be well with your
soul. In Him there is no condemnation.
Pastor Maurice Montgomery

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