Doing And Teaching

Doing And Teaching

Matthew 5: 19:…But whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be

called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Only the believer understands how holy, just and good the law of God is;

only the believer establishes the law through faith in Christ; only the

believer has a God-wrought desire to honor the law in all areas of his

life. God’s true ambassadors are the only ones who truly teach others

the necessity of perfect obedience which no sinner can do which required

God’s Son living and dying as the Representative and Substitute of those

given him before the foundation of the world.

When God gave the law to Moses, God knew when he said “this do and live”

that not a sinner in time would ever do his law. But God was not unjust

in saying it. The weakness was in us, not in the law. So it is in this

verse when our Lord says, “whosoever shall do and teach shall be called

great in the kingdom of heaven.” It is not that there is a sinner, who

himself, can do the law. But we “do the law” by trusting Christ who did

it for us. We teach by declaring to others the demands of holy law, that

others might trust Christ as well. When the Spirit of God makes a sinner

to behold the spirituality of the law, that it condemns even the

thoughts and intents of the heart, that it must be upheld in absolute

perfection, then the sinner is brought to cast all their care on Christ.

This is what we do and what we teach.

We teach that by faith in Christ the believer is dead to the law and

married to Christ. The believer walks in newness of life under the law

of, the rule of, Christ, not the oldness of the letter of the law of

Moses. The law is not dead our old carnal man is dead. In our new

resurrected nature we are married–ONE–with Christ. Therefore the fruit

we bring forth is of Christ’s production. Through the Spirit of God in

us, through the doing and dying of our Savior, the righteousness of the

law is fulfilled in us and all our works are accepted of God.

Therefore, believers no longer use the law of Moses to bind, drive or

motivate but now use the law for the purpose in which Christ gave it, to

give the knowledge of sin to those who think they have acceptance with

God by their works of law-obedience

Clay Curtis.

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