When He is Nothing

When He is Nothing

For if any man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he

deceiveth himself- Galatians 6:3

If we can learn that we are NOTHING, then we have learned something. But

if we think we are something, then we have learned nothing. Scripture

says so. Scripture says if we think ourselves to be something when (we)

are nothing we are deceived. In other words, we are not special, unique,

invaluable nor irreplaceable (in spite of what our mothers may think.)

Each of us is just one sinful human being among billions of others just

like us. We are born sinful, rebellious, ignorant and totally dependent

upon the grace and mercy of God to teach us, change us, and give us any

value or worth in this life. Apart from God’s revealing, teaching grace

we know nothing. Apart from God’s constraining grace we can do nothing.

Apart from God’s keeping grace we will amount to nothing.

Matthew Henry once said, “Since God made everything out of nothing, if

he is going to use us, we are going to have to be nothing. God made

everything from nothing, that way he gets all the glory. There were no

natural materials to work with, no means to use which could share in His

creative glory. He simply spoke everything into existence. So it is in

salvation. God finds nothing in the sinner to work with. No faith, no

knowledge, no mind or heart to seek Him, so He simply must speak (by His

Word) our salvation into existence. He must simply (yet powerfully)

command us to hear, see, repent, come, LIVE! God gets all the glory!

There was nothing to work with and no one helped Him in the work of our

salvation. If any think they made a decision, let God into their heart,

made Jesus lord, accepted him as savior, that person DECEIVETH HIMSELF.

One more time, For by GRACE ARE YE SAVED through faith; and that NOT OF


Paul Mahan.

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