Judas and Simon Peter

Judas and Simon Peter

What was the difference between the sin of Judas and the sin of Simon

Peter? What they did to our Lord seemed similar yet Simon was forgiven

and converted, while Judas hanged himself and was damned. Every believer

has worried at some point that they could turn out to be a Judas. Here

is the difference.

Judas betrayed the Lord while Peter denied Him. There is a difference.

Judas sold the Lord. Judas turned Him over to others for money. Judas

did not care what happened to the Lord but was only interested in his

own gain. He betrayed the Lord.

Many have done just as Judas did. They have taken the world, a job,

home, family, and any number of things in exchange for Christ. In

forsaking the Lord they are telling the world, “I don’t care about Jesus

Christ, you can have Him. Just give me the money … give me my family . .

. give me the world . .. you can have Jesus.” No less than Judas, they

have betrayed Him and will end up like him.

Peter denied the Lord. In a moment of cowardice, in order to save his

own skin, he denied that he knew the Lord. His denial was bad enough and

brought him bitter sorrow and great shame, but because of his previous

pride, the Lord had to show him his weakness, inability and


Now every believer has denied the Lord many times. There have been times

when we have kept silence to avoid a confrontation over the truth. We

have sinned and acted foolishly, talking and acting like an unbeliever

and not a disciple of Christ. But later, like Simon, we were very

sorrowful and bitter, then upon hearing the gospel again, we cast

ourselves upon His mercy. All have denied Him, but no true believer

would sell out the Lord. No lover of the Lord Jesus Christ would take

any amount of money in exchange for their soul, for eternal life, for

Christ and His people.

Is it so with you? Would you take anything for Christ?

Paul Mahan.

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