One Of You Shall Betray Me – Master is it I?

One Of You Shall Betray Me – Master is it I?

When the Lord told His disciples, “One of you shall betray me,” they all

replied, “Lord, is it I?” We should have such distrust of ourselves that

we would have the same reply. But one of His disciples answered

differently, “Master (Rabbi) is it I?” This is the same disciple who

betrayed Christ with a kiss saying, “Hail, Master.” Not one time do we

read where Judas Iscariot ever called Christ “Lord.” Master is a term of

respect for a teacher. But the fact that Judas never called Him Lord

reveals what he was in His wicked heart. To the believer, Christ is

Lord. We recognize His Lordship over all things, and we recognize and

love His Lordship over us. Barnard used to say, “Don’t tell me who your

savior is, tell me who your Lord is. Then I will know who your savior is.”

Todd Nibert.

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