Tell What Great Things God Has Done For Us

Tell What Great Things God Has Done For Us

Acts 18:24-28

Drew Dietz

Reading these verses closely you will notice the following words as

written under inspiration of God…”who (Apollos) when he was come (unto

the church at Achaia), helped them much which believed through grace”

(vs.27). My thought is simply this: if you want to help much those of

the church, if you want to really bless the sheep of the living God;

then simply, consistently and boldly…”publicly shewing by the scriptures

that Jesus was Christ” (vs.28). Said another way…determine not to preach

anything other than ‘Christ and Him crucified’. By the faithful

discharge of his calling, this man was of great help and encouragement

to his brethren. Who among us does not need much comfort and assistance

in a cold and dying world? Who among us do not need daily reminding of

the lovely and wonderful atoning work of our glorious Redeemer! I do,

and I must hear of Him who loved me and died for me! I can think of no

other direct and straight forward way to console the bride of Christ

than to tell her about the ONE who did everything necessary and

everything essential to guarantee her eternal happiness. Lord, may we be

found faithful to our calling . . .to tell them what great things God

has done for us.

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