A Preacher Called John

A Preacher Called John

There are many things that one could write concerning this remarkable

man of God. He was the last prophet of the Old Testament and the first

of the New Testament. He was the forerunner of the Lamb of God and a

fearless prophet who would not soften the word of God; even for a king.

What stands out to me in Gods testimony of John is his office as a preacher.

It is as a preacher he was sent as the forerunner of Christ. All true

preachers, of the gospel, are forerunners of Christ. They all make plain

the way, make straight the path, and tell sinners of the Lamb who has

come to take away the sin of the world. They all speak clearly of the

Christ of the Old Testament and why he must become a man and die in our


There are some in our day, as there were in his, who doubt the necessity

of gospel preaching. But know this before God would manifest the

glorious person of his Son he would send a preacher to prepare the way.

And so it shall be till the end of the gospel age. We will hear Gods

ambassador of Christ and our hearts will be prepared to see his glory or

we will write them off as something unessential and continue on in the

darkness of traditional religion. When God sends his forerunner it is a

pretty good indication that he is about to manifest the glory of his

Son. May God prepare our hearts to hear them in just that way. — Darvin


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