There was a division because of Him

“There was a division because of Him” John 7:43; 9:16; 10:19
In this religious world you will hardly find anyone that is “for” drunkenness, immorality or abortion. You can eliminate all the bars, houses of prostitution and even all abortions, but you have not even touched the real issue! The real issue, as in these passages, is where Christ is being challenged or His authority questioned or His right to rule and redeem those whom He has chosen! We can agree upon all the previously mentioned areas and still not come close to telling sinners the “Truth” about who God is, how He is satisfied and how vile rebels can be made just with the Holy God. If you look at each of these passages those religious people were divided regarding “HIM.” They would rather hear about the moral issues of the day or the economy of the hour or even the “moral majority” platform and what it is doing for our country. Paul said I am determined not to know anything among you except Christ and Him crucified…and the moment we pursue any other issue we have fundamentally turned our back on The Gospel. No sinner was ever saved by being in agreement with or not being in agreement with the world on the issues of the day. I’m not saying these causes are not important. I am saying that these are never THE ISSUE and we are simply to confess Christ in this Christ-less generation and confessing Christ is telling people the good news of the redemption in and by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. –

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