The person and work of Jesus Christ is an offense to this lost world and the reason for it is very evident for those who know and believe the gospel of the Grace of God.
· Man by nature is in darkness, blinded by the devil and Jesus Christ is the only life.
· Man by nature has only his filthy rags of righteousness, Jesus Christ only is righteous.
· No man by nature can please God; Jesus Christ alone is pleasing to God.
· No man by nature is accepted and just with God; Jesus Christ alone is the Just One.
· All the obedience the natural man can render to God is utterly rejected; only the obedience of Christ is accepted.
· No natural man knows the love of God; the love of God is in Christ Jesus alone.
Therefore if any would have light and life it must be that which Jesus Christ alone gives freely by His grace. If we would be pleasing to God and accepted of Him, we must be accepted in Christ alone. If we would be justified – cleared of all sin and guilt – we must believe in Christ alone for it. For only in Him can a Holy God justify the ungodly. If we would stand before God without the shame of our nakedness manifested, we must be clothed in the righteousness of Christ alone. If we would know God loves us, we must see ourselves complete in Christ, for in Him alone can a Holy God love a sinner. If men aren’t gathering to Christ as their all in all then they are scattering from Him. If a man is not for Christ with all His heart, then he is against Christ with all his heart. There is no middle ground. That which rejoices the hearts of God’s elect is that very thing all others find offensive. Christ alone, Christ alone, Christ alone.
Bruce Crabtree

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