On Death Row

; Next In Line; Sleeping
Drew Dietz

And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was
sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains and the keepers
before the door kept the prison. Acts 12:6

Look! what grace in the heart does for God’s dear children!! Peter was
just hours before his probable execution. James was already murdered
(vs.2) and I’m sure Peter was next in line. Yet, read the text again my
weak brother, let it liven your discouraged soul my sister…’Peter was
sleeping!’ Peter, who was the Lord’s own, had that peace that passes all
understanding. How can this be? What is the formula for such rest and
peace in the face of fiery trial? No formula, no 1,2 or 3; but simple
and child-like trust (all of grace) in the very person of Jesus Christ,
who held nothing back for the free redemption of my vile, ugly and
deplorable sin sick soul! If he be for us….none shall be against us
really or more importantly, eternally!

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