Acts 13: 2-3
Over time, the Holy Spirit worked in Barnabas and Saul and proved,
before the others in the church at Antioch, that these were two men whom
the Lord had chosen, filled, made faithful and who were proven faithful.
In the beginning, Barnabas was faithful to do what the Lord enabled him
to do where the Lord had placed him (Acts 4: 37.) Later, the Holy Spirit
put in the hearts of the saints at Jerusalem to send Barnabas to Antioch
who went faithfully. The Lord used Barnabas to bring Saul to Antioch.
When the saints determined to send relief to the church at Jerusalem
during the famine, the Holy Spirit put it in their hearts to send their
gift by the hand of these the two men. They did so faithfully,
separating themselves from all worldly distraction to the work given
them by the Holy Spirit. Then, after Barnabas and Saul returned from
Jerusalem, as they continued together at Antioch with the other
ministers and saints, in worship, in fasting from the cares of this
world, the Holy Spirit speaks to the heart of these ministers and the
saints at Antioch saying, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work
whereunto I have called them. (Acts 13: 2.) Sanctification is being set
apart for God’s use and being made willing to spend and be spent for the
service of Christ Jesus the King of glory. May the Lord use these two
men as examples by which to truly separate us for this great work.
Clay Curtis.

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