To him that overcomes

“To him that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna.” 
–Revelation 2:17
How often God’s word is to you a sealed book; how often you hear from 
the pulpit the most encouraging preaching, yet get no encouragement from 
it; how often you hear Christ held forth in his Person, blood and 
righteousness, and go away as you came, without any sensible relief. 
What is the reason? Because you are overcome. Unbelief, bondage, 
darkness of mind, insensibility rest upon your spirit, and all these 
keep you from feeding upon the manna.
But sometimes a gracious word comes over all these hills and mountains 
of unbelief, bondage, doubt and fear, and as this word drops into your 
heart, you begin to shout victory over all your foes and fears. Then the 
word of God begins to open itself up in its sweetness and blessedness. 
The Lord of the house brings out the hidden manna, and the word of God 
is made sweet and precious to the soul.
Sometimes you read the word of God as a dry and barren task to satisfy 
conscience. When is that? When you are shut up in unbelief and bondage. 
But at other times the word of God is read with pleasure, and it is to 
you the joy and rejoicing of your heart. This is when you can believe 
it; and thus faith turns the word of God into manna. But if you are 
barren, then the word of God is barren; if dead, the word is dead; if 
cold and lifeless, the word is so too. But when the scene changes, when 
the clouds are dispersed, then you see light in God’s light. Then it is 
a blessed Bible, a precious book, full of sweet promises and encouraging 
invitations. It is in this way the manna is given to the overcomer. J C 

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