Five Things About Manna

Five Things About Manna
Exodus 16: 1-31
There are five things pictured in the heavenly manna as it is given in 
figure of Christ the true bread of God. These are things which every 
believer shall come to know in the sweet experience of grace.
First: He will come to see that this true manna was provided by God 
alone. It did not rise up out of the cursed ground or evolve on the herb 
bearing grass; it was divinity given. “He gave them bread from heaven to 
eat.” (John 6: 31) “He commanded the clouds from above, and opened the 
doors of heaven and rained down manna upon them to eat and gave them the 
corn of heaven.” (Psalms 75: 23-24
Second: This manna must be discovered. All those who did not look did 
not discover the manna. The manna fell where God said it would. The 
manna fell in the assemble of God. The manna was easy to find. Most men 
do not find Christ because they do not look where the manna is revealed.
Third: The manna must be gathered. Manna on the ground did no good to 
anyone. Simply hearing about the manna satisfied no mans hunger. It must 
be gathered. Who gathered this manna? Hungry souls sought it out and 
gathered it in.
Fourth: The manna must be processed. Israel did not just scoop it up by 
handfuls and eat it like jelly beans; it was ground in the mills or 
beaten in a mortar and then baked into bread. (Matthew 11: 8) The gospel 
of Jesus Christ is processed by the inward working of the Spirit. (I 
Corinthians 2: 10-14) It must be heard, considered, understood, and 
Fifth: The manna must be eaten. Manna in a basket will not give life. It 
must be chewed and swallowed. It must be taken within where God, the 
Holy Spirit, makes it one with us and creates faith and life and hope.
Christ is our manna! May God be pleased to guide us where he can be 
found, reveal him to our hearts, cause us to gather to ourselves the 
full measure God has given, help us to process what we have gathered, 
and eat to the full what God has given. Amen — Darvin Pruitt

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