Not in Vain

Not in Vain
The false gospel says that not everyone Christ died for will be raised 
to everlasting life. They say Christ died and was risen for everybody. 
But…most of the people He died for will not be raised to everlasting 
life. To which the Lord says; “If there be no resurrection from the dead 
then Christ is not risen: and if Christ be not risen then our preaching 
is in vain, and your faith is also in vain”. I Cor. 15:13-14. You cannot 
have the resurrection of Christ without the assurance that everyone for 
whom He died will also be raised from death to life. If what they say is 
true, then Christ died in vain (without cause), our faith is in vain, 
and we are still in our sins. No, everyone Christ died for, died in Him, 
and were risen in Him. There is nothing vain about the death, burial and 
resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. He accomplished exactly what He 
came to do; save His people from their sins and give to them eternal 
life. ~Greg

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