Luke sets before us an example of what every local church should be, by 
showing us what that early church at Jerusalem was. “They continued 
steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, and breaking of 
bread, and in prayers” (Acts 2:42). That early assembly was a blessed 
fellowship of believers in Christ. When the Bible talks about the 
fellowship of believers, it is not talking about social gatherings or 
church dinners; it is talking about a genuine oneness of heart among 
God’s people. Fellowship is unity of heart and purpose. It is good to 
get together physically in one place. We all enjoy that. But it is 
better to be united in heart. That is fellowship.
Our fellowship as a church is fourfold, We enjoy A DOCTRINAL FELLOWSHIP. 
Like the early church, we continue steadfastly in the apostles’ 
doctrine, the gospel of God’s sovereign, saving grace in Christ. Nothing 
is of greater importance to the local church than our doctrinal 
foundation. What we do and what we are as a church is determined by what 
we believe. If our fellowship with one another is not built upon the 
gospel, then we have no real fellowship. The one thing that binds our 
hearts together is the gospel of Christ. God has also given us A 
FRATERNAL FELLOWSHIP. We are brothers and sisters in the family of God. 
Few churches have been so blessed of God as we are. I do not think I am 
being presumptuous, when I say that we are one. God has given us a sweet 
fellowship of love, sympathy, understanding and care. The Lord 
graciously grants us FELLOWSHIP WITH CHRIST. The Son of God himself 
meets with us and makes himself known (Matt. 18:20). And in this place 
we have been granted FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD. In our songs of praise and our 
prayers together, we draw near to the living God, our Father, in true 
fellowship! (I John 1:1-3). How we ought to cherish, carefully guard, 
and eagerly promote this fellowship:
Don fortner.

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