Doctrine and Doctrines

Doctrine means teaching or instruction. Concerning Christ Jesus we read,
“And they were astonished at his [DOCTRINE]: for he [TAUGHT] them as one 
that had authority, and not as the scribes” (Mar 1:22.)
Throughout scripture, the word “doctrine” is almost always in the 
singular when it describes God’s doctrine (Joh 7: 16, 17; 2 Joh 1: 9; 
Rom 16: 17.) Usually, when the scriptures refer to man’s teachings the 
word is in the plural (Mat. 15:9; Mar 7: 7; Col 2: 22; I Tim 4: 1; Heb 
13: 9.)
The doctrine of Christ is singular because no matter the subject (or 
where it is found in scripture) it is concerning Christ Jesus the Son of 
God whose person and office never changes. God’s doctrine feeds the 
appetite Christ gives. The appetite he gives in spirit is for Christ 
Jesus the same yesterday and today and forever. The doctrines of men are 
many because they feed only the flesh of men. The appetites of men 
change and vary from one moment to the next. So do their doctrines.
Divers Doctrines
Divers doctrines are teachings invented by men which offer a variety so 
as to please men.
The pack of snacks mom brings home with all different kinds of goodies 
in it is called a—”variety” pack. It has “various” flavors and colors 
for whatever appeals to your taste or your eye at the moment. Those are 
“divers” snacks.
Man has invented a “variety” of teachings concerning God, concerning 
man’s condition and concerning salvation. Such teachings are designed by 
man to appeal to whatever men’s taste may be at the moment because men 
change. God’s doctrine is one. It does not change. The teaching of God 
is always, continually the same because it is concerning Jesus Christ 
the same yesterday and today and forever (Heb 13: 7-9.)
Strange Doctrines
Strange doctrines are teachings not found in God’s word.
If you were lost and your father sent someone to teach you the way to 
get home that would be true doctrine. Yet, someone else comes along 
teaching a way which will carry you about from the way your father 
taught you. You know their teaching is “strange” because it does not 
agree with the word–the teaching or doctrine–of your father.
God’s word is his doctrine sent down from heaven. Any time you are 
taught by men, compare what men teach to what God teaches in his written 
word. If what they instruct agrees with God it is true doctrine; if what 
they teach does not agree with God’s word, if it is not in agreement 
with the person and work of Christ Jesus, or if it is foreign to the 
teaching that salvation is by grace, then you can be sure they are 
teaching strange doctrines–be not carried about (Heb 13: 9.)

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