Bulletin Edition November 2019

Truth must be spoken however it be taken.                        John Trapp

Serve Christ; let His cause be your cause, give not an hairbreadth of truth away, for it is not yours but God’s.                                                                                                                                                      Samuel Rutherford                       

            “I am the way…. no man cometh to the Father but by Me.”  He is always the way, at all times, that excludes all other ways!  

If we have had some liberty in prayer, reading the Scriptures, and have felt His presence, we dare not come on that ground. 

If we have committed sin in a pre-meditated way, we are not to think that we cannot come because of that.  The implication of that kind of thinking is if we had not committed that sin we could come.

At all times, for every believer, He is the only way to the Father.  We only come by Him. 

Todd Nibert


            WHO is spreading lies across America and throughout the world? Who is it that is telling around that the Lord Jesus Christ ransomed some who are not ransomed? Redeemed some who are not actually redeemed? Atoned for the sins of some whose sins are not covered? Purged the sins of some whose sins have not been purged? Became a Substitute for some who must yet answer unto God for themselves? Died for the sins of some who must yet die for their own sins? And prays for some who shall never benefit from His prayers?

            WHO dares to utter such blasphemy against the living God? Who would so impugn and malign God in His wisdom and purpose, holiness and justice, love, power and grace? Who would be so irreverent and impudent as to speak, or even believe such things?

            WHO? The vast majority of preachers throughout the world – most of our religious neighbours and those who preach to them! Pity them but do not excuse them… they ought to be ashamed of themselves! To say that Christ suffered and died for those who had already been in hell 4,000 years when He died, or to say that His soul was made an offering for sin for those whom God knew – being omniscient – would never believe the gospel when they heard it, or that God ever purposed anything that He shall not bring to pass, is a confession of one’s ignorance of the God of the Bible.

                                                                                 Maurice Montgomery  


Since the days of the apostles I see them. All around the world I see them. Some are Jews and some are Gentiles; some are employers and some employees; some are prosperous and well to do and some are poor and hardly make do; some hold degrees in education and some are scarcely educated at all. Yet I see them on the way to a designated location to meet together. Some come from one direction and some from another; some riding and some walking, but all, with purpose of heart, on the way to the same place to meet together.  These people who are so different, in so many ways, what is it that draws them together? Why, it is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. By the Spirit and grace of God, they all have the same problem, the same need, and have all embraced the one and only remedy, the Lord Jesus Christ, their Redeemer-God. They all have one faith, one hope, and one Lord and Savior. They are God’s called out ones, the church, and the churches of the Lord Jesus Christ. These are Christians.

                                                      Pastor Maurice Montgomery


    A people hungering after righteousness and a preacher anxious to feed their souls will act in sweet harmony with each other when their common subject is Jesus Christ the Lord.

                                                                              Pastor Scott Richardson

Of this I am sure. If salvation is not all of grace, I will not be saved. If any aspect of salvation is dependent upon me doing or not doing something, I will not be in heaven. If what Christ did alone is not enough to make me just before God, I will be in hell. If I am not preserved by irresistible and invincible grace, I will fall away. If God does not look to Christ for everything He requires of me, then I have no hope. But thank God, salvation really is all of grace. Salvation is not dependent upon my doing or not doing something. What Christ did alone makes me just before God. I am preserved by irresistible grace. Everything God requires of me He looks to His Son for. Therefore….saved I must be!

Todd Nibert

“It pleased the Lord to bruise Him.”  – Isaiah 53:10
            The death of Christ pleased every attribute of the Father.  The death of Christ pleased God’s wisdom. The death of Christ enables God to be both just and justifier.  The death of Christ pleased God’s justice.   Christ suffered for the sin of His people until the debt was paid in full. The death of Christ pleased God’s mercy and grace.  The death of Christ enables God to be merciful to His people in justice because their sin has been put away.  Since Christ died God can justify the ungodly, God can forgive sin, and God can accept His people into His presence because He is pleased with them in Christ.      – Frank Tate

“Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the chief” (I Tim. 1:15). What if Paul said, “Of whom I was the chief, but since God saved me, by His grace I have progressively become more holy and less sinful! Through Bible study, prayer and self-denial I have become more conformed to the image of Christ and less sinful than I formerly was.” If that were his words, I would be forced to conclude that I am not saved. I cannot honestly say that is my experience! Thank God Paul did not say, “of whom I was” but, “of whom I am the chief” – present tense! This enables me to put myself in the group that Christ came to save! That lets me know not to look to myself, and find assurance from the progress I am making. If I am presently the chief of sinners, I have nowhere else to look but to Christ!

Todd Nibert

            If you feel terribly carnal, unspiritual, and unholy in someone’s presence, you can be sure that that is precisely the way that person intended to make you feel by his or her pretentious show of godliness.        – Don Fortner

Our Surety is expressly said to have been made both sin and a curse for His redeemed, that they “might be made the righteousness of God in Him” (II Cor. 5:21; Galatians 3:13).  

And what a blessedness is there contained in this one view of the completeness of the church in Jesus!  So that, in the very moment that the child of God feels the workings of corruption within him, and is groaning under a body of sin and death, which he carries about with him, though he sees nothing in himself but sin and imperfection, yea, sometimes, as it appears to him growing imperfections, yet looking to the Lord Jesus as his Surety, and considering the Redeemer’s holiness, and not anything in himself, as the standard of justification, here he rests his well-founded hope.  This was blessedly set forth by the Holy Ghost –   “Surely, shall one say, even to Him shall men come, and all that are incensed against Him shall be ashamed” (Isaiah 45:24).    – Robert Hawker

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