Someone is Lying!


            WHO is spreading lies across America and throughout the world? Who is it that is telling around that the Lord Jesus Christ ransomed some who are not ransomed? Redeemed some who are not actually redeemed? Atoned for the sins of some whose sins are not covered? Purged the sins of some whose sins have not been purged? Became a Substitute for some who must yet answer unto God for themselves? Died for the sins of some who must yet die for their own sins? And prays for some who shall never benefit from His prayers?

            WHO dares to utter such blasphemy against the living God? Who would so impugn and malign God in His wisdom and purpose, holiness and justice, love, power and grace? Who would be so irreverent and impudent as to speak, or even believe such things?

            WHO? The vast majority of preachers throughout the world – most of our religious neighbours and those who preach to them! Pity them but do not excuse them… they ought to be ashamed of themselves! To say that Christ suffered and died for those who had already been in hell 4,000 years when He died, or to say that His soul was made an offering for sin for those whom God knew – being omniscient – would never believe the gospel when they heard it, or that God ever purposed anything that He shall not bring to pass, is a confession of one’s ignorance of the God of the Bible.

                                                                                 Maurice Montgomery  

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