My Meditation of Him Shall Be Sweet

“My Meditation of Him Shall Be Sweet” Psalms 104:34

When you and I first came to Jesus Christ we came to a person, we believed in a person, we trusted a person to save us. Of course we believed his doctrine as he gave us understanding, but his doctrine told us of the person. It’s not just the doctrine about him that is sweet but the person the doctrine tells us of is sweet. He is the Father’s Well-Beloved and the Well-Beloved of the Church and the Well-Beloved of every believing soul. We love his offices as our Prophet, Priest and King, but we love them because of the person who occupies them. This is where we find the sweetness of it all. All things about Jesus is sweet because he himself is sweet – “My mediation of him shall be sweet.” To meditate upon the work of our Redeemer is sweet because he himself is sweet. Christ is sweet to our affections. He is sweet to our understanding. He is sweet to our memory. He is presently sweet. My mediation of him is sweet when I think of the future, for he himself is my hope of eternal bliss – Oh, sweet bliss! O sweet Jesus 

Oh, his love is sweet – it’s the love of God. His blood is sweet – it’s the blood of God. His natures are sweet – Jesus the God-man. Meditate my heart upon Jesus. Fill yourself with himself and the sweetness of himself will fill you.
Bruce Crabtree

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