As your days, so shall your strength be

As your days, so shall your strength be. Deut. 33:25

Octavius Winslow

CHRISTIAN, consider this new epoch of time, unfold a new page of your

yet unwritten history, with the full, unwavering conviction that God is

faithful; that in all the negotiations, transactions, and events of the

unknown future, in all the diversified and fluctuating phases of

experience through which you may pass, it will be your mercy to do with

Him of whom it is said, “It is impossible for God to lie.” Oh, take this

precious truth into your heart, and it will shed a warm sunlight over

all the landscape of your yet shadowy existence. “He abides faithful: He

cannot deny Himself.” Standing yet within the solemn vestibule of this

new and portentous year, could our fluttering hearts find repose in a

more appropriate or sweeter truth than the Divine faithfulness of Him,

“with whom there is no variableness neither shadow of turning”? As a new

period of time slowly rises from the depths of the unknown and

mysterious future, shrink we from its stern and solemn duties, its

bosomed sorrows, its deep and impenetrable decrees? Why shrink we?

Infinite resources unveil their treasures upon its threshold. Christ’s

atoning merits confront our vast demerit. Christ’s boundless grace

confronts our deep necessities. Christ’s promised presence confronts our

sad and gloomy loneliness. Jesus thus filled with grace so overflowing,

with love so tender, with sympathy so exquisite, with power so

illimitable, with resources so boundless, with a nature so changeless,

stands before us and says to each trembling heart, “Fear not!” We

commence a new march under his convoy. We prepare for a new conflict

with his armor. We renew our pilgrimage with fresh supplies of ‘angels’

food,’ affording nourishment for the present and pledges for the future.

For that future do not be needlessly, unbelievingly anxious. It is all

in God’s hands. He would that you should live each day upon Him as a

little child—simple in your faith, unshaken in your confidence, clinging

in your love. Let each morning’s petition be—ever linking it with the

precious name of Jesus—”My Father! give me this day my daily bread.”

Then shall the promise be fulfilled, and its fulfillment shall be the

immediate answer to your prayer—”As your days so shall your strength be.”

And let us, on this birthday of the year, renew each his personal and

solemn dedication to God; supplicating forgiveness for the past, and

invoking grace to help in every time of need for the future. The atoning

blood of Jesus! How solemn and how precious is it at this moment! Bathed

in it afresh, we will more supremely, unreservedly, and submissively

yield ourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead. We will

travel to the open fountain, wash, and be clean. Christ loves us to come

as we are. We may approach all clothed with shame for the past, but not

a reproving look will dart from His eye, nor an upbraiding word will

breathe from his lips. Nor shall abused and ill-requited mercies past

seal our lips from supplicating blessings for the future. “Open your

month wide, and I will fill it,” is still the Divine promise and He who

gave it has added a supplementary one, if possible, yet ampler and

richer, “Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and

mighty things which you know not.”

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