Christ, the Everlasting Father

(From Octavius Winslow’s, “Christ, the Everlasting Father”)

The everlasting love of Christ never veers, never

chills, and knows not the shadow of a change.

Measuring Christ’s love to us by our love to Him,

we often imagine that it must necessarily be

affected by the cold, chilling atmosphere of our

hearts; that when our love to Him ebbs, His love

to us also ebbs; that when ours proves fickle

and treacherous, wandering after some creature

idol, then His love, exacting reprisals, in like

manner starts off, and leaves us for another

and perhaps more faithful object.

No! the love of Jesus to His saints, is as eternal

as His being, is as unchangeable as His nature.

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?”

Yield not, then, to despondency, beloved, when

you discover the mercury of your love sink, even

though it be to freezing point.

There may be times when you can scarcely

detect its existence, so faint its beating pulse,

so congealed its warm current.

But since Christ’s love is not the effect, but the

cause of ours to Him, and is an everlasting love,

glowing in His heart ages that cannot be numbered

or measured, before one pulse throbbed in ours;

we may take comfort in the assurance that no

variation of affection in us towards the Savior

can in the slightest degree affect the tenderness,

depth, or immutability of the great love with

which He has loved us.

Look, then, to Christ’s love to you,

and not to your love to Christ!

Go and lay your icy heart upon His flaming

heart of love! Go to His cross, and there muse

upon the love that bore your sins, that suffered

and bled, that wept, and groaned, and died for you,

paying the death penalty of your transgressions;

and, while you thus muse, the flame will kindle,

the fire will burn, and your tongue will break forth

into singing!

“For he is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the

middle wall of partition between us.” Ephes. 2:14

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