All of Grace

All of Grace

by Don Fortner

The glory, bliss, and perfection of heaven, whatever

it is and all that it includes, is but the consummation

of salvation; and it is, in its totality, the gift and work

of God’s free and sovereign grace in Christ.

In heaven’s glory we shall forever adore and praise

our great God for the wondrous mystery of his grace,

by which we are saved.

Everything in the great work of salvation sets forth

the splendour of the grace of the Most High God.

What do we see in election, predestination, redemption,

regeneration, and preservation, but his grace?

The whole work of salvation displays God’s rich, free,

almighty, irresistible, sovereign, saving grace in Christ!

In, salvation as well as in creation, all things are of

God, all things are by God, and all things are for God.

Unto him alone all praise must be forever!

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