Where shall we hide our blushing face?

(Octavius Winslow)

There is much indeed in ourselves of which we

have reason truly to be ashamed, and to be filled

with profound self abhorrence. We have need to

be ashamed . . .

of our unbelief;

of our low thoughts of the Savior;

of our little love to God;

of our slow advance in the divine life;

of our imperfect conformity to Christ;

of the power of indwelling sin;

of our slender spiritual attainments in . . .


personal holiness, and

heavenly meekness.

What shamefacedness should cover us,

that we are so ready . . .

to compromise,

to falter, and

to halt.

How deeply humbled should we be that there

still exists in us so much carnality, love of the

world, and conformity to the world; so little of

the crucified spirit of a cross bearing Savior!

What cause of shame that, with all our profession,

the pulse of spiritual life beats in our souls so faintly,

the spirit of prayer breathes in us so feebly, that we

possess so little real, vital religion, and follow Christ

at so great a distance.

Filled with self abasement should we be, that the

fruits and graces of the Spirit are in us so sickly,

drooping, and dwarfed; that we have so limited

a measure of faith, love, and humility; are so

defective in our patience and meekness, wisdom,

and gentleness; that, with all our blossom and

foliage, there is so little real fruit to the glory

of our Father.

May we not, in view of all this, exclaim with Ezra,

in his deep grief and humiliation for the sins of the

people, “O my God, I am utterly ashamed; I blush

to lift up my face to You. For our sins are piled

higher than our heads, and our guilt has reached

to the heavens.” Ezra 9:6.

Oh, where shall we fly; where shall we hide

our blushing face but in the blood of atonement!

sprinkled afresh with which, we may lift up our

heads and not be ashamed.

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