In the great mirror of eternity!

In the great mirror of eternity!

(John MacDuff, “The Faithful Promiser”)

“You do not realize now what I am doing — but you will understand hereafter.” John 13:7

As the natural sun sometimes sinks in clouds — so, occasionally, the Christian who has a bright rising, and a brighter meridian, sets in gloom. It is not always “light” at his evening time; but this we know, that when the day of immortality breaks, the last vestige of earth’s shadows will forever flee away!

To the closing hour of time, Divine Providence may be to him a baffling enigma; but before the first hour has struck on Heaven’s clock — all will be cleared up! My soul! “in God’s light, you shall see light.” The Book of His decrees is a sealed book now! “A great deep” is all the explanation you can often give to His mysterious ways. The why and the wherefore, He seems to keep from us . . .

to test our faith,

to discipline us in trustful submission,

to conform us to the image of Christ, and

to lead us to say, “May Your will be done!”

But rejoice that ‘hereafter’ — light awaits you! Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror — but then, face to face! In the great mirror of eternity — all the events of this chequered earthly scene will be reflected. The darkest of them will be seen to be bright with mercy; the severest of His dispensations will prove to be “only the severer aspects of His love!” Pry not, then, too curiously! Do not judge too censoriously on God’s dealings with you. Wait with patience, until the grand day of disclosures; one confession shall then burst from every tongue, “He has done all things well!”

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