Henry Mahan (reprinted TRGC ,KY bulletin 12.23.2018)

“Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord has done for thee.” – Mark 5:19

These were the words of the Lord to the man who had been processed by a legion of demons. The Lord had cast them out, and now the man wanted to go with the Lord as He was leaving. But the Lord told him to go back to his friends and give them the Gospel message: The great things He has done. Most of what goes under the name of preaching is the great things He will do if……. That does my soul no good because I know where that will go. In reality, that is a message of salvation by works. Christ will do this if you do something that will obligate Him to respond. The message of the Gospel is what He has done! He did not say, “It will be finished if….” but “It is finished!” No if’s, nothing I need to do to complete it. Every aspect of salvation, from pre-destination to glorification has been done (Romans 8:31-35). A sinner can rest in what the Lord has done!

Spurgeon once said, “I don’t know which renders the greater service – the man who preaches or the man who prays, but I know this, we can do better without the voice than without the heart of prayer!”

Blessed and happy is that assembly of redeemed people, brought together and baptized into one body by His Spirit, whose love for the Lord Jesus and for one another enables them to sing with one voice, pray with one heart, walk in one direction, and worship with one Spirit! Where each member realizes the importance of his presence, his prayers, his support, and his co-operation. Where Christ is Lord and all others are servants! Where the will of Christ is preeminent and all other wills and desires are in subjection! Where there are no young and old, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, but only Christ, who is All and in All.

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