Why do we love Him?

Why do we love Him?


Because before this round earth ever was fashioned

between the palms of the great Creator- before he

had painted the rainbow, or hung out the lights of

the sun and moon, Christ’s delights were with us.

He foresaw us and he knew what we should be-

and as he looked upon us, the glance was love.

He delighted to sit upon the throne of glory, and to

remember his dear ones who were yet to he born.

It was the great prospect which his mighty and

infinite spirit had- a joy that was set before him,

that he should see a multitude that no man could

number who should be his beloved forever!

Oh, if you know that Jesus had loved you from before

all worlds, you must love him. At least you will grant

there cannot be a better reason for love than love.

Love demands; no, it does not demand- it takes

by almighty force, by irresistible energy, that heart

captive, upon whom it thus sets itself.

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