John MacDuff

“Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said,”

“All power in heaven and in earth is given unto Me!” — Matthew 28:18

What an empire is this! Heaven and earth — the Church militant — the Church triumphant — angels and archangels — saints and seraphs are under Christ’s supreme authority! At His mandate: the billows were hushed — demons crouched in terror — the grave yielded its prey! “Upon His head are many crowns!” He is made “Head over all things!” Yes! over all things, from the minutest — to the mightiest. He holds the stars in His right hand — He walks in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks, feeding every candlestick with the oil of His grace, and preserving every star in its spiritual orbit.

The Prince of Darkness has “a power,” but it is not an “all power.” Satan is potent — but not omnipotent. Christ holds him on a chain! He has set bounds that he may not pass over. “Satan,” we read in the book of Job, “went out (with permission) from the presence of the Lord.” Satan “desired” to have Peter that he might “sift him;” but there was a mightier agency at hand: “I have prayed for you,” Jesus said to Peter, “that your faith will not fail!”

Believer, how often is there nothing but this grace of Jesus, between you and everlasting destruction! Satan’s key may be fitting the lock in your wayward heart — but a stronger than the strong man is barring him out! The power of the adversary fanning the flame — the Omnipotence of Jesus quenching it!

Are you even now feeling the strength of your corruptions, the weakness of your graces, the presence of some outward or inward temptation? Look up to Him who has promised to make His grace sufficient for you; “all-sufficiency in all things” is His promise.

It is power, too — in conjunction with tenderness. He who sways the scepter of His universal empire “gently leads” His weak, and weary, and burdened ones! He who counts the number of the stars — loves to count the number of their sorrows! Nothing is too great — and nothing is too insignificant for Him! He paves His people’s pathway, with love!

Blessed Jesus! my everlasting interests cannot be in better or in safer keeping, than in Yours. I can rely on the all-power of Your Godhead. I can sweetly rejoice in the all-sympathy of Your Manhood. I can confidently repose in the all-wisdom of Your dealings!

“Sometimes,” says one, “we expect the blessing in our own way — but He chooses to bestow it in His way.” But His way and His will must be the best! Infinite love, infinite power, infinite wisdom — are surely infallible guarantees! Nothing can alter His purposes. His promises can never fail. His Word never falls to the ground. “Heaven and earth shall pass away — but MY WORDS shall not pass away!”

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