Fixed and fastened by an Almighty hand.

Fixed and fastened by an Almighty hand.


Truth, as it stands in the naked word of God,

is lifeless and dead—and as such, has no power

to communicate what it has not in itself—that is,

life and power to the hearts of God’s people. It

stands there in so many letters and syllables, as

lifeless as the types by which they were printed.

But when the incarnate Word takes of the

written word, and speaks it home into the

heart and conscience of a vessel of mercy,

whether in letter or substance—then He endues

it with divine life—and it enters into the soul,

communicating to it a life that can never die.

Eternal realities are then brought into the soul,

fixed and fastened by an Almighty hand.

The conscience is made alive in the fear of God;

and the soul is raised up from a death in sin, to

a heavenly, new, and supernatural life.

This baffles all our comprehension!

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