How Do We Fulfill The Law By Faith In Christ?

How Do We Fulfill The Law By Faith In Christ?

Rom. 8:4

     Paul declares that we fulfill the law’s righteousness, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. He is not saying that the Holy Spirit of God enables the believer to personally fulfill the law. To suggest such a thing is to suggest that believers are enabled by the Spirit to attain sinless perfection in this world, for nothing short of perfection can fulfill the law of God. Paul is simply declaring that we do not nullify,or make void,the law through faith in Christ. Rather, “we establish the law”(Rom. 3:31). How?

1. THE LAW REQUIRES COMPLETE SATISFACTION FOR SIN. “The soul that sinneth it shall die.” We fulfill this requirement of satisfaction by offering to God the precious blood of Christ’s atonement. He is the propitiation, the satisfaction, for our sins. When the law looks upon the blood of Christ, it is silent. It cannot require more. That blood is our death insofar as God’s law is concerned. Because we died in Christ, we are dead to the law (Rom.7:4).

2. THE LAW REQUIRES COMPLETE LOVE TO GOD. It requires the total consecration of our lives and hearts to the will, worship, and glory of God. We fulfill this requirement by offering the consecrated love of Christ to God in his life upon the earth as our Representative. And with that, only with that, God is well pleased (Matt. 17:5).

3. THE LAW DEMANDS PERFECT LOVE AND DEVOTION TO OUR NEIGHBOR. And we fulfill this requirement by offering to God the perfect love and devotion of Christ to his people, even unto death.

     As our sins became his, Christ’s righteousness is ours by imputation. His death is our death. His obedience is our obedience. And his life is our life (Rom. 5:19). By trusting Christ, offering him back to God as our only grounds of hope and life, we fulfill the law and do all that God requires of us. In Christ we pay what we owe, restore what we took away, and perfectly obey God (Read Ezek. 33:14-15). None of our sins which we have committed shall be mentioned to us. We have done that which is lawful and right. We shall surely live (Read Ezek. 33:16).

Don Fortner

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