What do you depend on?

What do you depend on?

from Spurgeon’s, “THE CEDARS OF LEBANON”

O Christian. You are to live expecting nothing

from man, and you shall never be disappointed.

You are to live looking upon the Lord alone, and

there again disappointment shall never come.

Understand that one of God’s objects with you is to

knock away every prop from you, to take away every

buttress, and to make you lean upon God alone.

There is the round world, what bears it up?

God hangs the world upon nothing!

If you are what you should be, you are just like that earth —

you have no visible support — there is nothing upon which

you can depend that the carnal eye can see.

But yet as the earth moves not and falls not from her orbit, so you,

by the power of faith, shall be maintained and kept just where you are.

“The young lions do lack and suffer hunger, but they

that wait on the Lord shall not lack any good thing.”

It is a life’s work to learn independence of the creature, and almost

another life’s work to learn dependence upon the Creator.

To wean us from the breasts of this world is a long and painful process;

to get us clean rid of that walking by sight, which is the disease of man,

and to bring us to walk by faith in the Spirit, which is the glory of a

Christian, this is a work well worthy of a God, and blessed is the man

who has this work to a great extent accomplished in himself.

The best Christians are those who are most

delivered from confidence in the creature.

In proportion as men become little in self and little in creature love and

creature trust, they become great and mighty in their doings for the Lord.

I do feel, brethren, more and more, that my soul must wait only

upon the Lord, and that my expectation must be from him alone.

You too, must come here, and learn that the Lord will provide, but

it is only in the mount of the Lord that this sweet truth can be seen.

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