Grace denial?

Grace denial?

Winslow, “The Glory of the Redeemer in His People”

Be cautious of grace denial.

You will need much holy wisdom here, lest
you overlook the work of the Spirit within you.

You have thought, it may be, of the
glory that Christ receives from….
brilliant genius,
and profound talent,
and splendid gifts,
and glowing zeal,
and costly sacrifices,
and even extensive usefulness.

But have you ever thought of the glory, the far
greater, richer glory, that flows to Him from….
the contrite spirit,
the broken heart,
the lowly mind,
the humble walk;
the tear of godly repentance that falls
when seen by no human eye;
the sigh of godly sorrow that is breathed
when heard by no human ear;
the sin abhorrence;
the self loathing;
the deep sense of vileness, and poverty, and
infirmity that takes you to Jesus with the prayer:
“Lord, here I am; I have brought to You….
my rebellious will,
my wandering heart,
my worldly affections,
my peculiar infirmity,
my besetting and constantly overpowering sin.
Receive me graciously, put forth the mighty power
of Your grace in my soul, and subdue all, and rule
all, and subjugate all to Yourself! Will it not be for
Your glory, the glory of Your great name…..
if this strong corruption were subdued by Your grace;
if this powerful sin were nailed to Your cross;
if this temper so volatile,
if this heart so impure,
if these affections so truant,
if this mind so dark,
if these desires so earthly,
if these pursuits so carnal,
if these aims so selfish,
were all entirely renewed by Your Spirit, sanctified by
Your grace, and made each to reflect Your image? Yes,
Lord, it would be for Your glory, through time and
through eternity.”

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