He Leadeth Me Beside The Still Water

“He Leadeth Me Beside The Still Waters”  

Psalm 23:2

     What a gentle word – “leadeth”! Gently, thoughtfully, tenderly, but effectually, the Lord Jesus leads his sheep, like Jacob of old, to the soft, deep, quiet, still waters, as they are able to bear it (Gen. 33:14). He leads me not to the noisy waters of strife, the babbling waters of emotionalism, or the cold waters of intellectualism, but to the still waters of his Word. The EVERLASTING LOVE of God is like a river, the streams whereof make glad the hearts of his people. CHRIST himself is a pure river of the water of life, from which all his sheep drink freely and constantly. The Lord, our Shepherd leads us into the pleasant waters of HEAVENLY COMMUNION with the eternal God. Even in heaven’s glory, he will lead us by the fountains of living waters, for our everlasting consolation and joy (Rev. 7:15-17).

Don Fortner

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