Luxuriating forever!

Luxuriating forever!
(from Winslow’s, “The Glory of Christ in Heaven”)

Beloved, the Lord Jesus intends that His
people shall be near unto Him in heaven.

His satisfaction of soul will not be complete
until He clusters around Him in glory all for
whom His soul travailed in suffering on earth.

Nothing shall separate Him from His people!

Not a jewel from His crown, not a lamb from the
fold, shall be missing from the Father’s house!

You will drink of the pure river of the water of
life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne
of God and of the Lamb!

You will eat of the fruit of the tree of life in
the midst of the paradise of God, yielding
its fruit every month!

You will….
behold Christ in His glory,
enjoy God forever,
be perfected in purity, and
swim in the ocean of infinite and eternal blessedness!

There Jesus will take you, dear saints of God.

And there shall be….
no more exile,
no more sorrow,
no more neediness,
no more parting,
no more sickness,
no more death, and
no more sin.

You will be luxuriating forever amid the
glories and plenitude of the new Jerusalem!

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