Our Fellowship

Our Fellowship

I John 1:3

There are few words in the vocabulary of a believer‑ more precious, than these two. Our fellowship is that sweet communion of brethren dwelling together in unity. Our fellowship is the joyful agreement of the church family. Our fellowship is the oneness of heart which God’s saints enjoy by the power of Christ. It is that unity of the Spirit which is the bond of peace. It is that love which is the bond of perfection.

How thankful we ought to be for our fellowship here, as a church of Christ, There are few places where such fellowship can be found. Yet, we must ever remember that, our fellowship with each other arises from, and is dependent upon, our fellowship with God.

Here is the blessed accomplishment of God’s grace -That fellowship with God, which our race lost by the fall and sin of Adam, has been restored through the mediation of Christ. With his blood, Christ washed away our sins, reconciling God to us in all the fulness of his holy being. By his Spirit, Christ has reconciled us to God, purging our consciences from all guilt, through the gracious application of the blood to our hearts. Now, we who were once enemies, aliens, and strangers to God are reconciled, accepted, and fellow-citizens in Christ! Truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son, Jesus Christ.” As believers, we have all things in common with God Almighty in Christ Jesus!

Don Fortner

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