I Corinthians 13:6

            As believers, we are bound to love our neighbours and even our enemies. But the special bond of brotherly love which we hold for our fellow-believers is the truth. The truth of the gospel is the foundation of reciprocal Christian love. We do not love each other because we are temperamentally compatible, or because we are naturally drawn to each other, but because of the truth we hold in common. So long as the truth endures, in us and with us, so shall our love endure.

We desire greater unity in the church at large. We want all true believers to be one in heart and purpose. But unity can be purchased at too high a price. We cannot deny that truth which is essential to the gospel for the sake of unity. We can never increase brotherly love by diminishing the truth of the gospel. In seeking unity with other believers, we cannot compromise the very truth on which alone true love and unity depend.

Don Fortner

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