REFORMATION?  I  hear  a  lot  about  “reformation”  in  our  day.  There  are  reformed churches,  reformed  doctrine,  reformed  preachers  and  reformed believers,  everything  seems  to  be  “reformed.”  The  word  “reform” means  to  “improve”  or  to  “make  better.”  If  “reformation”  means  to improve myself or make myself better, then, I don’t need reformation! What I need is a perfect righteousness. I surely can’t find any hope of eternal  life  in  trying  to  make  myself  better,  especially  when  God requires perfection. I don’t need “reformation;” I need “regeneration.” I don’t need to get my heart right; I need a new heart that is right. The lost sinner doesn’t need to just change their way; they need to change their  God.  I  don’t  need  to  make  myself  “better;”  I  need  to  be  made “perfect.” I don’t need reformation, I need a “new creation,” which can only be found in Christ.  
DL Edmenson

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