The Bible

It is the first book and the best book and the oldest book in all
the world. It contains the choicest matter, gives the best
instruction, and affords the greatest pleasure and satisfaction
that was ever revealed. It contains the best laws and
profoundest mysteries that were ever penned. It brings the best
of tidings, and affords the best of comfort, to the enquiring, and
disconsolate. It exhibits life and immortality from everlasting,
and shows the Way to eternal glory. It is a brief recital of all that
has passed and a certain prediction of all that is to come. It
settles all matters of debate, resolves all doubts and eases the
mind and conscience of all their scruples. It reveals the only
living and true God, and shows the way to him: it sets aside all
other gods, and describes the vanity of them, and of all who
trust in them. In short, it is a book of law, to show right from
wrong, a book of wisdom, that condemns all folly, and makes
the foolish wise; a book of truth, that detects all lies, and
confutes all errors; and a book of life that gives life, and shows
the way from everlasting death…. It is a complete code of laws, a perfect body of divinity, an unequalled
narrative, a book of lives, a book of travels, a book of voyages. It is the
best covenant that was ever agreed upon, and the best deed that ever
was sealed, the best evidence that was ever produced, the best will that
was ever made, the best testament that was ever signed. To understand
it is to be wise indeed, to be ignorant of it, is to be destitute of
And that which crowns it all is, that the Author is without partiality,
and without hypocrisy; in whom there is no variableness, or shadow of
William Huntington

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